Nassim Haramein – A New World View Emerging

Over the last few months we’ve been reading about and watching the videos of Nassim Haramein, founder of the Resonance Project on the Big Island of Hawaii. Nassim is a physicist, phylosopher and general renaissance man of the modern age – and no doubt there are plenty of people in the physics community who find him to be completely “over the top” and “out there”…

From crop circles to black holes, vortices to tetrahedrons, ancient civilizations to the movement and nature of galaxies and the universe, his ideas are both brilliant and highly challenging to the average Newtonian or even Einstein influenced scientists of today. They’ve led us to hours of discussion, leading off to the works of Walter Russell, Einstein, and even Plato, we are having a very grand time indeed with this new source of insight and exploration into the nature of life itself.

In some ways it holds the same exquisite qualities of earlier times with friends exploring the works of Jane Roberts and the Seth Materials – times when everyone was eager to experiment and test the theories and ideas of the power of focus, intent and an opening of our awareness to the possibility that reality was not a static thing but rather an ever changing result of internal processes and external expressions of those processes. From seeing the “black imps” to playing the face staring games we explored all manner of consciousness, leading eventually to automatic writing, chanelling and even some rather incredible group experiences which seemed to defy the laws of space time as we knew them.

Nassim has taken us back out to the far reaches of probability thinking – beyond the limited constraints of the modern scientific and rational view of the world and our place in it – and it’s great fun to be back out where the questions are more numerous than the answers and the answers seem always to lead to ever larger and more abundant questions.

If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll certainly enjoy Nassim’s videos – as found on Youtube and be sure to check out his site The Resonance Project

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