Threshold… s

It is as if

at some point
so far unknown to you

until it reaches present time

Things are unfolding.

On some level of being
some place of knowing
things are happening

But lie unseen to the common observer

(which as it happens, is you, at the time)

Motion, co-motion e-motion
beneath the surface.

But not so deep it is in-discernible

It is there.
You know it is.

When, seemingly, ‘out of nowhere’
it appears
everybody gasps.

But you knew.
knew it was coming, if not how
or what it would look like, when it came.

You can live from the place of the great mystery unravelling upon itself in so much shock and awe..

Or step into what you know and be a little less’ surprised’.

Always your choice.

Free will and all that.

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