The Beautiful Truth – Let Food Be Your Medicine

This incredible and in-depth video is a very clear and direct statement to the people of the world who would care to know the truth about food and health.

An absolute must watch movie for anyone with children and anyone who cares about their health.

There is no excuse for anyone to be ignorant any longer of the dangers of processed foods and chemicals in our food, healthcare and dental industries.

It is fascinating and revealing to consider, for instance, that the five companies behind genetically engineered and modified foods are not agricultural companies. Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer,Syngenta and Dow. They are all chemical companies.

Finally, consider this sobering review of the interview of January 1970 of Dr. Herbert Ley, former commissioner of the FDA.

The interview is the one from which the quote in the film, was derived:

“The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day..” Dr. Herbert Ley, Former Commissioner of the FDA January 1970, San Francisco Chronicle.

Here is an expanded description of the entire interview from The Medical Racket:

“The Ley interview was given to Richard Lyons of the New York Times, given in Ley’s home, soon after he was sacked as the FDA commissioner, after three years of service. Ley was a Harvard professor before being tapped to head the FDA. The article is sobering. Ley said that he was under constant, tremendous, sometimes unmerciful pressure from the drug industry. Ley said, Some days I spent as many as six hours fending off representatives of the drug industry. Ley commented that the FDA staff was a poor one to effectively protect the American consumer, its ranks being full of retreads and others who were not motivated to do their jobs effectively, and that there has been total lack of topside support from the current administration. Ley admitted that his former boss, the HEW head, was a Republican Party fundraiser, but it was not his boss’s fault, as the Nixon administration was a business-oriented administration. Every administration since Carters has been even more so. Ley said that the drug company lobbyists, combined with the politicians who worked on behalf of their patrons, could bring tremendous pressure to bear on him and his staff, to try preventing FDA restrictions on their drugs. The interview concluded with Ley stating that the entire issue was about money, pure and simple. The situation has become much worse since Ley’s day, him being the last commissioner who tried standing up to them.

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