Contemplating belief and the human experience
and our endless seeking of continuity and congruence.
We pattern lovers we.

How our innate drive for congruence is
reflected everywhere in our culture and society -
We want Dick Clark, every year, forever…
And looking the same, too!

This drive springs directly from our internal conscious
awareness of our larger perspective. Our “soul”
perspective, or eternal self.

Yet we attempt to translate it into our in motion,
action based physical experience and so find
ourselves conflicted. We cannot make the world
hold still.

This eternal external expansion and creation
“becoming ness” if you will of life is itself the
direct outpouring of this internal, eternal “divine”
force which is the root and seat and source of all

There is no separation, for all that we are so
sure we wish there were. We long for a judge
to separate us and distinguish those of us within
whom and through whom divine essence flows and
those of us through whom it is severely lacking.

But that defies the law of creation, and the
laws of nature: for that which is present and
alive is, by definition, becoming and evolving
and experiencing and perceiving and LIVING.
Whether anyone outside of its sole existence
agrees with it or not.

This internal mechanism which science has
yet to be able to quantify in any meaningful
way, is responsible for animation – for motion,
thought, growth, and ultimate recycling forward
of energy and form.

Nowhere is this more self evident than in
the families of man. Look at your own parents
and children. Everything is in an evolutionary
cycle, and your opinion is pretty much beside
the point.

This internal drive is so consistent and
constant that we tend not to acknowledge it or
perceive it and yet we act out, as a culture a
craving for its continuity and consistency in
all our laws, rules and efforts toward conformity.
It is as if we are saying, every step along the
way “No. Now. Now I really mean it that we have
figured out that this bad thing should not
happen and we are going to do this to stop it.”
and then, in the next moment, we find ourselves
saying it again. As if our rule making and
decision process could, by enactments of law,
make children not die in car crashes, make
hurricanes not devastate landscapes…

We are a world in constant retroactive
response to what has been when we have the power
to turn our attention forward and create what
will be.

We are so busy looking over our shoulders for the
next bad thing we have forgotten that we have the
power to create the next good thing.

Which brings me, not really, but in a round about
way to why, in this time in this culture, the Mormon
Church is the fastest growing strict established
religion in the world: because it is precisely
this mix of a need for conformity and same ness
combined with an acknowledgement of the internal
nature of the source of this sameness: The Mormon
Church is the only modern established church which
recognizes that its members have the power of
direct divine experience.

While the rest of our culture and social systems
attempt to get us all to conform from without
and to follow certain rules of probability in
order to agree to what may or may not happen to us,
the Mormon Church establishes strict direct rules
and procedures within a framework which allows
individual internal divine guidance. It is a neat
trick, when you think about it.

You may have divine guidance, but only within
these strict parameters. But its chief empowerment
is in the having of direct guidance; which being a
fundamental truth of the life experience for all
creatures, makes it intensely more powerful of a
system of thought for its followers than one which
does not allow for this direct guidance.For those
who have come to rely on their direct internal divine
guidance without any surrounding religious dogma or
systems of worship,there is a certain irony to the
entire affair, but it is, nonetheless,a step in eh
right direction.

In the end, all of life calls itself forward through
and within this divine action and no system of thought
or way of believing has the power to stop that. And,
whether it is judged as good or not good, it has been -
it has moved in its own rhythm, to its own perspective
through its experience we call life through time and
space in the infinite now.

And through its having been and being and becoming,
the whole of all that is has become more.

We can decide or judge it as we may. But our opinion
will have little effect on its experience or its ultimate,
though transient, travel through the continuum.
Perhaps if we could lessen our grip on this thing we
call “reality” or “life on planet earth” we might be able
to perceive and dream ourselves into a future we design
by daydream… dance; or the color of the sunset on the
ocean. They are all here and part of this creation with
us – yet we become so engrossed in our own story lines
we fail to notice them. The power and beauty of this endless
becoming ness and changing of form we call life is all
around us – challenging us to step into the dance and forget -
while remembering who we really are and how wonderful
it is to be here.

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