Not Whether or Not – But: Does it Matter?

It has come to me tonight
That the fundamental question – was not whether -

Or not it really happened
If or if not it was based upon truth
Or personal experience -

But whether – as in whether or not

It mattered.

Does it Matter That

Dupont wiped out the hemp industry in America in favor of petrochemical innovations like nylon, polyester and others -

Somehow for the last at least Century and a half we have been at war somewhere killing our own -

That mothers do not have the right to work with their children for their own best wishes for personal health care if the State decides they know better – to the point of hunting down said mothers and children to forcibly submit them to what the State deems to be the proper medical doctrine and practice -which they then enact upon the child -

That nearly ever portion of every sector and corner of our State, Local, Regional, and Federal Governments are so corrupt as to be unapproachable.

That we have become a nation of petty tyrants ruling over one another through meaningless State ordained Positions in such a way as to thwart cooperative success and mutual gain but have become, instead, adversaries in a struggle for power of control over what is and is not possible, allowable, “permissible” and ultimately – achievable given the limitations imposed by the “system” -

That local police authorities are being given ever greater powers while local citizenry are being given ever less

That “market conditions” including the demand from such institutions as CitiGroup and BearStearns were pressuring brokers and loan agencies for “paper” which led to the irresponsible and criminal loan writing practices of the 2000′s wherein loan officers were making 20 and 40,000.00 profits on single contracts – on unsupportable terms and conditions to people without the slightest ability to perform on contracts with limiting features like early prepayment penalties which made them impossible to refinance before their penalty rate resets kicked in – (and by which time the market had tanked) Selling fixed rates to homeowners and delivering ARM anything but -

That 75% of the young unwed mothers in my classes on parenting were raising the children of their step fathers; those same persons having been the ones who had abandoned them to the streets

That sometimes when you look out at all the world around you you want to scream and slap something hard – to say – I SEE you.

But that doesn’t make polite company – or elegant hosts -

It makes you ornery and testy – as they used to say -
Belligerent – and un pretty
Never mind less than graceful.

But you know what -

Sometimes, that is where the world IS

and it’s OK not to pretend otherwise -

Does it matter?

I guess that’s up to who
is asking the question.

I guess that depends why
they’re asking the question.

I guess that depends.

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