Jeff Walker’s Moleskine Journals

As someone who has boxes and boxes of journals in storage units, closets and attics, I was actually quite surprised to discover there was an actual type of journal I had never heard of before.

Jeff Walker’s “Moleskine” Journal.  Hmmm. Who knew?

I’ve used the typical hard cover spiral bound journal for years because they will open flat or even inside out (if you know what I mean) so I can write in pretty much any situation I find myself… but Moleskin?  I mean, the first thing I thought was “ew, it’s made of animal fur? Damn must need lots of moles to make one journal. They’re not exactly large rodents…” But after I got over myself I had to go have a look – and what I discovered is that they are really very similar to the old hard bound art books I used to buy as journals/sketch books – gosh, ever since I was in high school.

My art books came in all sizes, and I used all sizes – from giant things that I kept at home to little bitty ones I could stuff in a pocket – but they had the disadvantage of being difficult to use as 2 sided pages – it’s awkward writing on the back page of a book that you are in the first pages of – unless you are actually sitting at a proper desk to do your writing.  And for the most part I hardly ever was -

Which leads me back to these Moleskin things – because I am thinking they might just be like, the perfect hybrid between the hard bound art books of my past and the spiral bound hard covered books I’ve come to get used to because I simply hadn’t found anything else and I cannot stand soft cover paper notebooks – yuck. I mean they are just to tatty – and they make you feel like you’re writing grocery lists or algebra homework or something – not like they are important books that you write your most precious ideas in…

So my moleskin is on their way… (actually I had to get the lined and the unlined to see which I like better) – and thankfully I have Amazon Prime so they’ll be here in a flash… and at no cost to me for shipping…  (love that!)

OMG – and check this out – “Classic Red Notebook”! Now this could go one of two ways: You’d never lose it OR: If you did you better not have written any secrets in it! LOL

and now that I’ve done that, I’ll have to give you a full report on what I think of it once I get my little paws on it and try it out for a bit. :D

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