Holidays Gone Right

The deeper apprciation of children comes
as they get older and become the active creators
they were born to be.

The nuances and playfulness of their inner
worlds become visible. Especially at a time like
Christmas, when they can choose gifts for each other
and those they love.

In our house that meant the arrival of tiny
remote control helicopters this Christmas, delivered
on behalf of Thomas, who is away in Africa this year,
although at present he is Christmasing in England and

The family gift inspiration did not stop with Tom, however.
Cory and Misty brought amazing and beautiful wrought iron
wall hanging candle holders and new grill Gear for Carsten,
and Daniel provided a braided bamboo tree for me AND a
brass double circle spinning sprinkler for the garden!

Between the sprinkler testing and helicopter flying, there
were, of course, the latest evil puzzles from both Tom and
Carsten… those knots of wood that become cubes; or, bits of
metal that really do come apart with no effort – IF you can figure
out how to turn them just so…

We walked the beach with the dogs at ebb tide, perfect skim
boarding conditions, if we’d had a board… Instead we walked
and watched the new break out past the winter sand bars coming
up along the outside of the beach. There was a small and vocal
group of kids boogy boarding in the surf. Perfect winter weather,
clear crisp and bright, and the ocean that wonderful color it gets when the sun is never really overhead…

Earlier autumn’s red tide seems finally to be completely over.

All in all, a perfect day, enjoying the company of some wonderful
people we know and love, who just happen to be our children.

Later, listening to a friend with younger children who haven’t
yet learned to say “thank you” or the power of their own giving
and the joy that lies waiting there, I was reminded again of how wonderful it is to have the experience of children and life and
time passing.

“Wait a few years.” I told her. “Their time will come. Let them be
where they are. They’ll grow in to it; watch and see.”

And, just as the early years of their childhood were so amazingly
full of excitement, joy and discovery; so too, will their later years

In the journey to this new place, all parents (and children) must
pass through teenagerhood and adolescence. It can feel as if
that need to discover, rebel and define ones self can be more than
any sane parent (or child) would want to participate in…

But wait. Have faith. Love in spite of all evidence, if you have to.

It may seem that way to you, along the way. In those moments
try to remember that nothing is really that important. That “this
too shall pass”, and get on with getting through it the best you can.

The tides will change. And a new kind of experience, born directly
out of all that have come before, will be born. In it, a whole new
world of appreciation, admiration and respect will be born between
you all.

What a glorious time to be alive, to be parents, and children.

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