Gene Burnett – Irreverent as Hell and That’s Probably Why I Love His Work…

This one came to me through a few different sources all at the same time and I have to admit that while at first I was reluctant (or was that politically self conscious?) I cannot stop humming the song – and the refrain will be stuck in my head now forever.

Gene Burnett has a great blog and web site – and he’s in the midst of a musical experiment which seems to be going quite well – he’s just putting his work out there and watching to see what happens. If this video is any indication, he is on a great path to bigger and better things and I, for one will be watching with great enthusiasm! Gene, you rock my world! Love your stuff and so glad you are in the world!

Visit Gene’s site here: GeneBurnett.com

Here’s the video… JUMP!!!

Assuming my blog can handle it without the latest wordpress update – it gets funky on embedded files sometime… :( well, guess I better do an upgrade one of these days!

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