Eva Cassidy – A Treasure & a Tragedy All in One

Eva Cassidy – Somewhere over the Rainbow

Irene | MySpace Video

The first time I heard her voice
it felt as if my heart stopped.
I didn’t know if I could breathe.

It was so pure, so clean
and so incredibly beautiful.

She was singing Over the Rainbow,
on an online video – who knew?
yes, that’s the one, above – live at blues alley
in dc 1996…

and then there’s her actually recorded
for the album version here, still sweet
and fine but nothing like that live sore throated
real version above…

It was as if I was transported
to another time and place
and everything I had ever thought about that song
was forever transformed.

Her technical proficiency
vocal and guitar, is chilling.
Her phrasing is
Simply perfect.

And the full sweet clear tones of her voice
still send a literal shiver
through my entire being
Springing tears into my eyes…

Only later did I learn
Of the shortness of her life
That this remarkable voice
and musical talent
had left us, it seemed
just as she had touched
the first full flowering
of an immense talent.

Thank God someone was recording

Thanks Eva, for daring to do things
your own way.
And for bringing such an incredible
sweetness into the world
Even long after you yourself have left it.

You can find more of Eva’s exquisite music on youtube – and on itunes. You’ll be glad you did.

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