Amory Lovins – I’ve Been a Fan for More Than 20 Years Now… Here’s Why

Amory Lovins, who wrote a plan for Hawaii some four decades ago now, that outlined how the state could reduce it’s energy/oil/electric generation requirements enought to offset future growth for a few decades simply by implementing conservation systems (at less cost to implement than the *(then) current price of energy production.)

Ah – but did they do it? Hell no…

They paid for the study and moved on.

As most government bureacracies do…

Roll back in tine.

To before the devastating events of 2008. To before the automobile industry crisis. To before the current mess we are in, and here he is again, telling us how easy it is to change…

And he’s right.

If we only had the will

and the vision

to do it.

Amory Lovins Solves The Oil End Game

Because the truth always is that there is always a solution. The only question is, in whose interest is the solution?

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