American Fascism: Sub Prime Style

Following the unfolding saga of the Sub Prime Collapse,
it’s easy to see where the players line up, if you know the
“rest of the story” as it were…

Now that Elliot Spitzer is out of the picture, no other brave
souls seem to be stepping up to carry the message of the
States’ Attorneys General to the Federal Government that
it is not time to bail out Banks; it is time to take them to
Court on Criminal Charges of Embezzlement, Racketeering,

Instead the message is clear: the American People will pay
to have their houses stolen from them while the bankers,
and corporate leaders keep their money and turn another
round of profits.

If you are serious about knowing the scope of the game in
play, a good place to start is by reading the blog at Air America’s
Clout” with Richard Green.

Unfortunately, most people are perfectly ignorant of the
manipulation of money, power and policy by the handful of
“interested” parties controlling America today.

Now let’s see if the criminal investigations into Countrywide
execs and others continue or die on the vine… or if, perhaps,
a few less well connected individuals take the fall while the rest
of them take the cash. (Not to mention the houses).

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