Becky Mundt

I started life as a tomboy, then became Tom’s mom; and eventually, the mother of 4 boys. Through it all, I’ve always been a cultural creative. I’ve never met a rule that couldn’t use some scrutiny and some form of reconstruction.

From the time I arrived I’ve been busy questioning everything, recreating everything from personal relationships to community organizations and creating everything from songs to stories, sculptures to gardens and more things than I can count.

Though perhaps less tangible, the inner creations, shape of a life amd loving relationships, deep friendships and personal meaning are the stable bedrock of all my creations.

Driven by an intensely curious nature and a deep desire to know and understand my self and my own personal impulses, intuitions and tendencies, I’ve spent a lifetime studying everything from The Seth Materials to Science and Shamanism. Perhaps a good description of me would be “spiritual eclectic”.

For me, there is no question that “The unexamined life is not a life worth living”.

This site has taken on many forms over the years, and now at last, is becoming the place where my short form writing and poems reside.

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